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Suggested Route

  • Zhunan Railway Station-Miaoli Passenger Transport Nanzhuang Line-Taxi

    -Get off at Zhunan Railway Station and wait for the bus towards the east exit
    -Take the bus "Miaoli Passenger Transport Nanzhuang Line" to Nanzhuang Old Street

    Reminder 1. It is recommended to check the train arrival time and bus schedule first to avoid waiting
    Reminder 2. After arriving at Nanzhuang Old Street, you can go to the "Nanzhuang Visitor Center" to check your luggage. Please remember to retrieve your luggage before closing time

    [5805] Nanzhuang ⇆ Zhunan (Miaoli Passenger Transport) https://parg.co/O4s
    [5806] Nanzhuang ⇆ Zhunan (Miaoli Passenger Transport) https://parg.co/O4h
    [805A] Nanzhuang ⇆ Zhunan (Good for Taiwan) https://parg.co/O4C

    -After Nanzhuang Old Street is over, you can call a taxi to the guesthouse at the taxi stand next to the grocery store next to 7-11. The fare is about $250

  • Taxi

    • Taoyuan Zhongzheng International Airport → Nanzhuang Provence, the fare is about $2200
    • Zhunan Railway Station → Nanzhuang Provence, the fare is about $900
    • Zhubei High Speed Rail Station → Nanzhuang Provence Fare is about $1400
    • Miaoli High Speed Rail Station → Nanzhuang Provence Fare is about $1200

    The above is a quotation for a car
    If you have a chartered car or other needs, please contact Mr. Zeng directly at 0926-253151

  • Drive

    Reminder 1. Friends from the south and north:

    • If you use Google Map or car navigation to go to Nanzhuang, it will take the nearest route to take you off the Miaoli Interchange. However, this mountain road is more winding and prone to motion sickness, often with dense fog, and the journey takes only about 20 minutes.
    • Therefore, it is strongly recommended that friends who go from the south to the north should go to the first interchange, and the roads are less prone to motion sickness, so you can play in Provence all the way!

    Reminder 2. We have asked Google Map Street View car to take the photo, you can directly use Google Map to input: Nanzhuang Provence Country House

    -Take Toufen Interchange at 110K on National Highway No. 1 towards Sanwan and Nanzhuang
    -Depart from Nanzhuang Old Street towards Miao County Road 124 towards Penglai, Xianshan and Tai'an
    -Miao 124 County Road 36.8K, keep right downhill all the way forward and pass "Olive Tree B&B" and then slow down
    -Drive 80 meters forward on the right hand side and turn right into the arch
    -After entering the arch, cross the green bridge and turn right all the way up
    -When you drive to "Penglai Wonderland B&B", you will feel like you have strayed into someone else's home. Don't doubt that you will continue to drive up.
    -When you see "Feng Ying Bi Homestay", turn right along a small road and drive all the way to the top, and you will arrive at the Provence parking lot

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