Preserving the rural architecture of Provence in South France

A healing mountain view close to the sky

It is located in the mountain city of Nanzhuang, Miaoli, surrounded by healing mountain scenery.

The slightly steep mountain road to the homestay may make you feel a little "scared", but after checking in, I believe it will bring you a "stunning" and comfortable accommodation experience!

There are harmonious earth expressions, beautiful sky lines, revitalizing mountains and forests, and creating resting corners in the mountains. The plants and trees here are the manifestation of our dedication and persistence.Here, slow down the pace of life, embrace the great mountains and scenes, and absorb the essence of Fendor.Sit lazily on the large balcony of the mountain, basking in the sun, savor the local meals carefully prepared by the owner of the hotel, and enjoy the tranquility of the mountain.

Start with the persistence of one tree and one scene

"We love mountains!" Persist in taking time to achieve dreams. Although the process is hard, the joy from nothing, the dedication and determination from having to fulfilling the dream, I hope that I can also share this touching and joy with you.

Nanzhuang Villa Provence

We have the best environment and the best view in Nanzhuang, allowing you to browse the magnificent mountain and beautiful nature scenery. There are so many fun here, I hope you can also experience it.

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