Enjoy the ultimate mountain view and experience the purest forest daily life

Come here, please put aside all fast pursuits, try to slow down,Feel the song of birds, beasts and insects in the mountains, and redefine the distance between us and nature.
The healing mountain scenery and the inexhaustible fentoxin are the perfect natural stress relievers.
The mountains and stars under the clear night sky make the whole night a little more innocent and romantic.
The warm mustard yellow building and the warm rustic decoration are the "home temperature" we want to convey to travelers.
The choice of bed and the bed cover that we wash and dry ourselves are our insistence on comfortable accommodation.
The next morning, the sweet sounds of insects and birds are the alarm clock of nature.
Open the curtains to let the sun shine into the room; let the beautiful mountain view wake up your new day.

    Different from the urban dining experience, it returns to the pure and delicious

    Let nature be integrated into all our daily lives, the large balcony of the mountain is the best place to eat here.
    The host’s hand-made welcoming afternoon tea will incorporate local ingredients and characteristics into French desserts, creating a new feast for taste buds.
    In the evening here, there is no fancy entertainment, just come to a BBQ party with friends and relatives casually!
    Prepare a combination of fresh and delicious barbecue ingredients for you, and enjoy a rare time together with friends and relatives.
    On the morning when you come to the mountain for vacation, you should enjoy a slow pace and slowly enjoy a Chinese breakfast that is rare in the city.
    We use local seasonal ingredients and integrate the elements of Shancheng Hakka cuisine to prepare delicious and warm meals, so that you can go to your next journey with a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

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